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Best Russian Candies

Got a sweet tooth? Try some of these Russian candies! http://ow.ly/x1Avh
Different kinds of Russian candies

Russian Grammar Tables!

Teaching Yourself a Language? Then Act Like a Teacher!

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If you're teaching yourself a language, it may help to actually ACT like a teacher! Here's 3 tips to buckle down and teach yourself!

Learn to ask how someone is feeling

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Language Proficiency Tests Online

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Haven't taken our Russian language proficiency test yet? Here's your chance to see how you score! http://ow.ly/wLqrW
Language Proficiency Test: Visit Transparent Language to take a test, see your level of knowledge, and improve your speech, grammar, and vocab!

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I was shopping

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I was shopping in a pharmacy the other day and noticed that the stationery/back-to-school section didn’t have any pencil cases (пеналы) on display. It makes sense, with the school systems being different that the students’ “equipment” will be …